Sarah Shahid

Sarah Shahid

Translator, Editor, Designer, Blogger, Researcher and Social Activist.
An ambitious and hardworking person. Interested in Books, Arts and Cultures.

University of Aleppo2017 – to presentB.A in English Translation
University of Aleppo2015 – to presentM.A in Economics

▪ Accomplished first year with GPA 82.16%
▪ I’m preparing my Master’s thesis which is titled “Behavioral Analysis of factors affecting Supply for the purpose of increasing Labor Market Efficiency”.

University of Aleppo2011-2015B.A. in Economics

▪ Grade: 83.4% (very good)
▪ Second top student 2015

Work Experience
Mar 2017 – to presentFreelance Graphic Designer

My Portfolio:
Graphic Design Portfolio

Arabpx.comDec 2016 – to presentFreelance Editor & Translator

The most common Arab photography website and printed photography magazine.

Al Manar Book Centre, MBCNov 2016 – May 2017Marketing Officer

AL Manar Book Centre (MBC) Provides a comprehensive and an innovative approach to regularly update and keep academics fully aware of all our publishers publications at reference, academic, professional, general, and textbook level.

Abjadiat.com2015 – to presentFreelance Translator

Abjadiat is a specialized site to help customers express their content with clarity and professionalism

2014 – to presentFreelance Translator

My Portfolio:

Translation Portfolio

Volunteering Experiences
Msh LwahdkFeb 2018 – to presentFB Group Moderator

Msh Lwahdk is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the Arab world. The purpose of the initiative is to provide psychological and medical services to those who may need it, in addition to engage them within the society.

Matar ProjectFeb 2018 – to presentTypist

Matar project is a non-profit initiative that aims to serve the blind in the Arab world by recording them aloud or printing them on the Word program.

Art (Fn)July 2017 – Nov 2017Storyteller

Fn is a youth movement believes that the solution is always inside the art.

TEDMay 2017 – presentTranslator & Reviewer

TED is a global non-profit dedicated to ideas worth spreading.

Our Family (Eelitna)Nov 2016 – Feb 2017Social Activities member

This initiative aims to build an independent family based on trust and understanding, a family that is active in society and capable of solving its own problems.

AfkarzSep 2016 – presentData & Evaluation member

Afkarz is a platform that allows young people to express and share their ideas.

Education and Illiteracy Eradication Association2016Volunteer

EIEA is charitable development association working on education and awareness among the people.

Mobaderoon2016Active Citizen

Mobadroon provides training and consulting services to civil society organizations in Syria.

Harf Magazine2015 – 2016Writer & Editor
Key Skills
Copy writing
Data Analytics
Technical Skills
Sony Vegas
Microsoft Office